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It was late morning when I met this pleasant lady who has been taking Roaccutane for the last 6 weeks.She told me she's doing well and she could see a significant improvement of her skin condition.

"I can see your lips are rather dry, how do you find yourself coping with it?"

"Yes, I'm so glad that you noticed it, I was wondering why my lips are getting so dry lately..."

This is not the first time I've met patients being given medication without being told its potential side effects. Sad but true. Sometimes, missing out little information is just human for the healthcare provider, but sometimes it can bring more than "little" impact to the patient, even dire consequences.

Doctor, I'm glad I've found you. I was very upset during my last clinic visit because the doctor doesn't even want to listen to my questions. I felt as if he/she can't wait for me to get rid of me.

Perhaps the previous doctor was busy.

Perhaps he or she was too popular and had lots of patients waiting for hours out there.

While I'm happy being appreciated by some patients for doing what I should be doing, and some even bought me cakes, chocolates and cards (thank you so much!), I can't help thinking and hoping I won't be missing out something and reducing the quality of care that I'm giving to my patients when I myself are busy.

I tried to find information online if salt water bathing is good for my son's eczema. But some information are confusing and even conflicting. What should I do? 

I was actively blogging 8-9 years ago, mainly about my experience during years of service in rural hospital and then while I was preparing for my professional exams in tertiary hospital. Then it sorts of dies off. I then restarted micro-blogging again after delivery of my children, mainly on life of a new mother. Even after years of stop blogging about life of a young doctor seeing various interesting or maybe not so interesting years, I still get comments and feedback from some readers infrequently.

So now I've decided to pick up blogging again. I hope this blog is helpful in providing reliable information so that you can make educated choices when it comes to your skin.

Content here are written by myself and this site is not financially affliated to any company, product  or device.

If you have any questions or topics that you want me to write about, feel free to email me at chinchwen@gmail.com I will try my best to give you unbias, most recent scientific information, if not based on my own clinical experiences. Happy browsing!
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